A day in my life – jive buddy


Now I’m not normally one to enjoy a late night outfit change, but tonight after all the food and exercise I’ve had today, I can excuse the Boss lady for changing me now.

See she hasn’t been too well lately, so our morning showers have been pretty quick, no real time for a play.
But I dunno, she seems to be in a good mood tonight, even after all the pain her not butt has been causing.

” do a little dance.. Woot woot.. Shake it Grimm!”

Haha good one Boss.. Keep that up and I will shake it.

” woot woot.. You’re a lean mean dancing stoma machine! Hehe”

You better believe it sister, I’m more then just a pooper, I can groove with the best of em.. Now shake it baby, shake it.

I like these times, she’s singing and dancing around the room while changing me, it doesn’t happen that often, but when it does I love it.

Shake … Shake.. Shake… Shake my groove thing..

Aww she’s covered me up, oh well.. I can still groove with my bag on, I’m lean, mean, clean and a dancing machine..

A day in my life – She Made me a Kilt!!


Afternoon all…  I’m one happy chappy at the moment.

You know why?   Boss lady is making my kilt.

I wasn’t sure at first if it would happen, she seemed to have a bit of problem getting the machine to make my kilt working.. going by the language I had to put up with.

but now she’s been a busy lady making all these noises and I think, not quiet sure but she’s made me my first cover.

*There we go, first pair made*

Oh no!!  no!!  what on earth was she thinking, this isn’t what I wanted!!  Even I know that’s not what a fashionable stoma like myself would wear..  Oh I’m so embarrassed .

It’s.. It’s PINK!

*Now for your Kilt Grimm*

Oh what?? that was just the practice?? you mean to say I get more.. phew don’t do that to me women, you had me worried.

Oh yes now we’re talking!  This is the kind of colour scheme I like.. But I wonder how she’ll make the kilt out of that.

“hmm I think I might need to put something on the front, doesn’t’ look quiet kilt enough.”

More??  oh this could be interesting.

A day in my life – Shopping for a Kilt.


Huh what?


Seems she’s talking to me, not sure what about, still feeling a bit tired.

“Ok Grimm we’re going shopping today, so that means you have to be good!”

hey I.  *yawn*  resent that. I’m always good when we go out.

Hmm she’s having a shower before we go, this is nice, but I’m just so tired, I’d love to know why I’m so tired today. Must have something to do with those new pills she taking.


“Someones quiet today, he must have gone back to sleep after my shower dad.”

huh what she’s talking about me.. Oh  are we there yet?

“So what are you having for lunch?  I’m in the mood for something different.”

Lunch time already, geepers I must have slept for a while, I don’t  normally do that, but seems like today is the day for a long nap, but by the looks of things, she’s been sleeping better also, so much energy.

Not 100% sure but I have noticed in the last few days Boss Lady hasn’t been sleeping too well, but today she’s all get up and go, might stay awake and see what she gives me for lunch, I hope its something nice.

Oh wow, I was right, it was something nice, some sort of vegetable pancake, never had one of those before, but she seem to enjoy it and from what i can tell nothing in it that’ll upset me too much.

” I still want to go get the material for Grimm’s bag covers.”

huh what? She going to make me bag covers.. Oh wow that’s a surprise.. I wonder what she’ll get me.

Hmm lots of material here, don’t know how she’ll  choose.

” Ahh here we are, the tartan.. Going to make you a kilt buddy!”

A kilt, what’s a kilt?

Oh wow she just showed off  the top of my bag to someone, must be a nice person for her to do that, I know she’s still a bit uneasy about flashing my bag to the world..

Might be the reason for the covers.. Then again I am a very fashion forward stoma, so she’s bound to have pick some good colours.

” Going to have one very fashionable stoma when I’m done here Dad, picked out some great material.”

oh goody I knew she’d pick well.

“Was just surprised he did’t say anything when I was looking at the different material patterns, I know its silly but I was expecting a few little comments.”

She wanted my opinion?  Wow I must be way out of it, if i’d have known i’d have said something.

Sorry Boss Lady, not on the ball today.

” Haha. Now he starts talking”


Forgive me?  I trust you, I know you wont let me down fashion wise.


” shooosh Grimm, its ok ”

Aww  see she does care about me, I have a great Boss  Lady.


I wonder if she’ll make me a cover tomorrow?  And really what is a kilt?

A day in my life – fashion









” shussh Grimm”












” Ahh Grimm stop it you’ve made me lose count”








Hehehe..   You might be wondering why I find this so funny?




The boss lady is counting out my supply of clothes.. I think she’s wondering if I need any more.








One of the lots in life I have to bare is my ever so fashionable bag.. If I had eyes I’d be rolling them now, they’re horrid..  This boring skin colour that is meant to make them invisible if her lady ship happens to flash some one.








But honestly I hate them, looking at the same colour all the time is hard for a fashionable stoma like myself.




I want colour, maybe even a bit of sparkle.. I’m told there used to be clear bags, now that would be interesting, but then again i’d have to put up with looking at what underwear she happen to pick for the day… So cant win either way.








Oh oh she’s started again…








“23, 24, 25,”




*pfft…. Pfft….PFFFT!!*








” Grimm.. Geezus what on earth did I eat to bring this on?”








Haha.. Nothing .. I’m just in a cheeky mood…



A day in my life.. the Morning Shower. (humour)



Oh is she awake yet?   No?  ok lets get her up  *Pfft!!!!*

Hmm that didn’t work, maybe I should try a bit louder?   *PFFT!!*

Ahh there we go, she’s awake… Oh YES! and a morning rub .. I like those even if that silly bag is in the way, a nice little rub and yup there it is the tap at the end.

Yes .. Yes I know I’m a good little buddy, didn’t leak or do anything naughty during the night.. saves me getting scolded, which thankfully hasn’t happened for a few months.

Now she’s up  and Wooo!  nice stretch there girl, even I felt that bone crack..  Brr it’s pretty cold today, shouldn’t you.. Ahh! beat me to it, on goes the dressing gown.

And now the little chat starts, she’s planning her day and wants my opinion.. well I know one thing sister.. I want a shower and a change of clothes, this outfit I’ve got on is getting a bit grubby, and I do enjoy a good morning swim.  Shall we do it before or after breakfast??  I’m in a good mood today so I might not be naughty while we’re in the shower, but then again  that old saying ” when you gotta go.. you gotta go” so we’ll see how I do.

Oh Yum weetbix for breakfast, didn’t know that was on the menu, must have missed that part of the chat. Wonder if we’ll have fruit again, I like fruit, but bit over the banana’s,  oh Wow it must be my day, we’re having berries… Hmm hope they don’t get stuck, I hate it when things get stuck, and so does she,  she’s not a good one for tummy pains, and I feel bad when I cause  them.

Mmm this is nice, and not to hard to digested, I still have nightmares about the time she gave me weetbix with extra fiber, oh golly that wasn’t fun, I’d never felt that rattled.. well not until the “cheese” incident.. but I wont get in to that, still makes me shudder that one.

Ok now for the fun.. Shower time!!.. I love shower time, I get to play in the water and have a good scrub, and a new set of clothes..

Ooohh it’s cold in here, quick put the heater on, I’m cold…  Hey come on  if you don’t hurry up I’ll retract back in to your stomach again and never come out!

Yes Yes I know I’m a bit flat today, but it’s cold women.. Oh now that’s better some warmth.. Sheesh…it’s going to  be a cold winter, if this is what it’s like now.  Hate winter, so cold , but at least we don’t have to worry about my collar coming off like in summer when she sweats.

Oh Oh Ahhhhh freedom, there’s something so freeing about being naked, no collar, no silly bag, just me and the fresh air.


Oh umm sorry, didn’t mean that to happen, think I got a little over relaxed then.


Oops  sorry again,  I think that was from the weetbix..  might be an idea to get in the shower now, this could get a bit tricky.

Oh yes.. Yes!  that water is just right, now for a bit of a play..  in out, in out.. look at me I’m a turtle!!

Hmm is that chocolate I smell, oh it’s that weird scrub thing she likes, doesn’t use it that often but it smells nice anyways.

Umm hey.. sorry to say this, but I think  I’m going to …  Yeah ok sorry, good thing we’re in the shower hey?!?

Oh now she washes me, oo that feels nice, up a bit  left a bit, hey you missed a spot..

Ahhh… all clean, and warm.. now to get dressed.

-As told by Grimm , my Stoma 😉

Life is one big Bucket List


Having watched a show on austar the last few days called things to do before you die, I’ve been thinking about all the things I have wanted to do, and decided that writing them down was a good idea.

The things listed are just  some of the things I’ve always wanted to do, I’m sure I’ve  missed a some, and I’m sure I’ll add a few more things, but I’m going to work my way through this list as best as I can.


Places to Go:

  • Canada
  • Peru
  • Vietnam
  • Nepal (again)
  • China
  • Japan
  • Ireland
  • Antarctica
  • New Zealand
  • See more of Australia.


Things to See:

  • Cherry Blossoms in Japan
  • Great Wall of China
  • Uluru
  • Niagara Falls
  • Victoria Falls
  • Apple Headquarters in the US
  • The BMW Mini Factory
  • The Inca temples in Peru
  • The Northern lights

Things to Try:

  • Sky Diving
  • Swimming with Dolphins/Sharks
  • Get a tattoo
  • Zip lining through a rain forest
  • Riding a scooter through the country side in Italy
  • playing with baby tigers


So angry could spit


In the post today I received a letter from a debt collection agency.
Now I was a little surprised about this, as I know all my outstanding bills and those I’m about to pay I’ve spoken to the accounts departments in regards to their payments.
So logging in to the site that was mentioned in the letter I find it’s for $350 and from Healthscope.
o.O WTF I think, I’ve paid that bill, I know I have.
Logging in to my online banking I go and search for the bills paid to that Bpay account and sure enough, yes it’s been paid.
After this and a few random swear words I call up the debt collection agency and let them know that Yes I have paid the account, and here is the receipt number from Bendigo Bank saying I paid it.
The lovely lady on the other end of the phone thanks me and lets me know she will pass this information on to the accounts manager at Healthscope and I hang up. Done Woot! all good.
That is until I find the bloody receipt from Healthscope for payment of the original account.

My addiction is good for me


According to this article  “Top 3 Tips to Super Health”  my addiction to Chocolate is now classed as a super food.

Macro Photography - Cadbury Dark Chocolate

YaY!!  I knew I could justify the amount of Dark chocolate I ate.

Chemo Day


Going through Chemo is a pretty long and drawn out experience, bit like having cancer, it takes a whole day and you pretty much spend about 90% of it sitting around doing nothing, while they pump toxic drugs in to your system.

I thought it might be fun to document my day for myself and for others who are interested in it.

Start – 5:12am

Early morning wake up call. 

Yup it’s early,  little too early if you ask me, but that’s one of the down falls of living in the country and going to a city hospital, you spend most of your time traveling and when you have a 8:30am appointment with your Oncologist, waking up extra early is one of the not so joys.

But thankfully the drive down today wasn’t as bad as other times and we managed to make it to Cabrini Hospital about 15 min’s early for my appointment with my oncologist – who I  suprised when I walked in to the reception area and said “Good Morning Dear”  hehe.

The usual thing that happens when I see my Oncologist before Chemo is a quick chat about how I’m feeling, any pain  shortness of breath etc.  Then I rattle off a few questions – today involved when I have my first review scan, am I allowed to go swimming (Yes!)  can anything be done about my face bloating up. ( yes dropping the strength of the Dex I’m on.)  Finally I get another bood test request form and I”m sent on my way down to Day oncology.

I tried to get a few photo’s of the entrance of Day Oncology, but sadly too many people where hanging round and I think i would have got a few questions from the nurse.

So this is the view from my chair while I’m waiting to get hooked up, as you can see, lots of drugs await me (left) and my case notes (right)  behind the table is the computers the Nursing staff use to keep track of people coming in and what drugs they need to order etc.

One of the first things that happens before they hook you up is the Nurse takes your Blood pressure and temperature, this is so they can see if your healthy enough to handle the chemo, my first cycle I managed to spike a temperature, but thankfully I still had the infusion and a bit of panadol that helped bring my temp down.
Over the last few weeks my blood pressure has been both up and down, but thankfully today it was back around it’s normal range, which is low but normal for someone my age.

Bit of blurry arm bling, my lovely red “allergy bracelet” which reminds the Nurses that yes I am allergic to something and please please remember to ask me what it is before you try and give it to me without reading my notes. (yes that did happen)

Finally after a little wait I was hooked up and the boring bit happens, the waiting. you sit around Day oncology either reading, sleeping or listening to music, today I did a bit of sleeping mostly because of the early wake up and then played around on my phone, when I wasn’t getting up going to the toilet.

One of the nice things about Day oncology is the little kitchen they have on site.

In the Fridge is a good stock of sandwiches and cold drinks – Oj, Apple Juice and lemonaid that you and your visitors can raid at any time.

On the bench is sweet and savoury biscuits, fresh fruit and tea/coffee, it’s pretty nice when you’re sitting around doing nothing you can grab a snack.

So that’s pretty much a day in Oncology, after my infusion was finished they hooked me up to a portable infusion bag that I’m wearing now, and will get unhooked on Wednesday.